You walk into your lovely abode after a long day, looking forward to enjoying a calm, relaxing time.

You turn on the AC, expecting a cool breeze.

But nothing happens.

You decide to give it a few minutes, but still, nothing happens.

Is the remote broken? Is it in need of new batteries? You wonder.

You grab new batteries from the drawer and put them in, but nothing happens. 

Then, you realize at this point that your AC isn’t working.

But before you panic, here are three of the most common problems with your air conditioner and how to fix them.

1. Airflow Problems 

If there are airflow issues, your air conditioner may not function. The following elements contribute to these airflow problems.

  • A clogged air filter. The air conditioner filter aids in keeping airborne dust and other contaminants out. But, these dust and other specks must go somewhere, and that location is the air filter. This builds up over time to create a thick, filthy covering that prevents the AC from functioning efficiently.
  • Blocked air ducts. Because your air conditioner blows cold air through vents that extend throughout your home, this air must circulate freely. However, if you place furniture or other objects, such as toys, near these ducts, you limit the airflow, and it cannot flow. As a result, the air ducts become clogged.
  • Damaged blower motor. A blower motor facilitates the system’s airflow.  A damaged system cannot cool your space because air cannot pass through it.

How to Fix Airflow Problems

The table below shows how to fix airflow problems.

Airflow ProblemSolution
Dirty air filterReplace air filters regularly, usually every three months.
Blocked air ductsVerify that no objects are blocking any vents.
Damaged blower motorAsk a qualified technician to evaluate the AC blower motor and repair or replace it.

2. Electrical Issues 

If your AC is not functioning despite regular air filter changes, unclogged air ducts, and a confirmed working blower motor, we recommend having a professional technician inspect the electrical system of the AC.

They may discover the following electrical system issues:

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is in charge of turning on and off the air conditioning. If it’s broken, the AC will not work when you turn the thermostat on if it can’t communicate with it.

Wiring Issues and a Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the AC wiring system is faulty, a short circuit can occur, causing damage to the AC components. It may potentially result in a tripped circuit breaker.

Because a circuit breaker should cut off all power to your electronics when it senses an electrical issue, rather than causing damage to the AC, the faulty wire will cause the circuit breaker to trip.

When you turn off the air conditioner, the circuit breaker trips due to a short circuit caused by faulty wiring.

To fix electrical issues, you need a qualified technician as they have the skills to diagnose, repair and replace any component needed. 

Doing it yourself could result in electrocution, which could result in fatal injuries. It could also start a fire, causing property damage.

3. Frozen Evaporator Coils 

Evaporator coils are inside the indoor unit of the AC and help in cooling the air that circulates through the system.

When the evaporator coils become frozen, it can impede the flow of air and refrigerant through the system. 

Evaporator coils might freeze due to dirty air filters, low refrigerant levels, or a broken thermostat.

However, detecting a frozen evaporator coil could be challenging because it is inside the air conditioning machine.

But it does show these signs that you can always check.

  • Reduced airflow 
  • Warm air coming from the vents 
  • Ice on the outside of the AC unit 
  • Strange noises from the unit, like hissing and bubbling.

To fix frozen evaporator coils, turn off the AC. Then, as the coils thaw, contact a skilled technician to check and determine the root reason.

Hire a Professional to Fix your AC 

For any issue concerning your AC, a professional should check it, especially when it involves checking the electrical system, the air filter, and the blower motor.

These electrical and mechanical systems can be dangerous if not handled properly.

But, professional technicians like W&J Heating have the expertise and training to safely diagnose and repair any issues.

In addition, we ensure proper sizing and positioning of a newly updated air conditioner where necessary to enhance efficiency and save energy expenses.

Contact us today for any AC issues in your space. Don’t let a faulty AC ruin your comfort; we can fix it quickly.

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